"TRS European Union Tendering Passport"

The "TRS European Union Tendering Passport (EUTP)" focuses on helping business leaders understand the intricacies and demands of public sector tendering. Working alongside the Tender Review Service (TRS) (more information on the TRS can be found here: http://icps.bangor.ac.uk/tender-review), the EUTP will be used to familiarise candidates with a broad range of current themes related to Public Procurement Tendering Strategies within the UK and the EU.

This course concentrates on up-skilling a business leader’s understanding of the appropriate systems, techniques, tools and skills required to manage the administration and delivery of a tender (and all accompanying documentation) capable of meeting the needs of a public sector purchaser.

Sub-topics delivered by this course includes:

•    Project and contract management,
•    Risk management/mitigation controls and tools,
•    Quality management/assurance controls and tools,
•    Supply chain management,
•    Contract Management,
•    Communication strategies and skills,
•    Partnering/collaboration strategies.

This course aims to equip business leaders with a greater practical understanding of:

1.    The prequalification (PQQ) and/or Invitation to Tender (ITT) stage of the procurement process. This will include an in-depth investigation into the processes and documentation used in both. It is expected that this understanding will conform to regional, national and European tendering/procurement standards.
2.    The compulsory processes followed by Public Sector organisations in order to comply with EU procurement regulations (i.e. consulting the market, advertising, tendering, award stage procedures, feedback, etc…)
3.    A basic understanding of the public procurement legal system from the suppliers’ perspective will also be provided by the TRS.

Target Audience
The EUTP course is aimed at helping business leaders, SMEs and Third Sector Organisations. To participate for FREE, interested organisations must be located in the Ireland Wales INTERREG region (for more info see: http://www.irelandwales.ie/map/).

The EUTP course and the Winning In Tendering project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Programme and participating in either the course or the project is FREE for businesses located in the Ireland Wales INTERREG region (for more info see: http://www.irelandwales.ie/map/).
If you are based outside the Ireland Wales INTERREG region, and interested in the EUTP course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Progress in Progress!
The credits achieved from this FREE course can be used in conjunction with other courses at Bangor University, such as the LLM Public Procurement Law and Strategy, and together you could achieve a certificate, diploma or a Masters Qualification.

Distance Learning – Learn from the Office
You don’t need to visit Bangor University to complete the EUTP! The EUTP certificate has been tailored to suit the flexible needs of a typical SME or a Third Sector Organisation. Therefore the course can be achieved from the comfort of your office, at home or wherever you choose and importantly it can be achieved in your own time - reducing both the time and the expense typically associated with higher education!

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the EUTP business leaders must hold a relevant degree, or a professional qualification or must have at least 3 years relevant career experience. If you are unsure whether you qualify please contact us today and we will assist you.




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