UK- China Centre for Public Procurement Law Research Launched in Beijing

On July 1, 2014 Bangor and CUPL, China's largest Law university, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to launch a new joint research procurement law research centre, The Centre for Public Procurement Law Studies. The Centre will engage in joint research into a field of major significance not just for UK-China relations, but also for the global economy, as China's public procurement market contemplates to what degree should they open up to foreign competition in the years to come.

Announcing the appointment of Prof Dermot Cahill and Prof Tao Zeng as the UK and China Directors of the new Centre, Bangor Vice Chancellor, Prof John Hughes observed that with Bangor's leading reputation in public procurement law studies, he was delighted that the superb research teams of Bangor and CUPL were proceeding to work together on issues of mutual interest that are of importance for the global procurement economy. Prof Hughes congratulations were joined by Prof Huang Jin, President of CUPL, who expressed his delight that Bangor/CUPL cooperation, already firmly established with our Confucius Institute, is now intensifying with the launch of the new joint procurement research Centre. Madame Wang Ying (Head of the Office of government procurement management, Ministry of Finance) welcomed the launch, offering strong support from the Chinese Government for the new Centre, and offered to engage strongly with the Centre as a resource to help the Chinese Govt proceed with plans to reform its procurement laws and  prepare for the Government Procurement Agreement global procurement negotiations.

Professor Dermot Cahill confirmed that Bangor's major annual five day procurement week conference, Procurement Week 2015, will feature a dedicated session on China procurement issues and he will invite CUPL procurement researchers and Ministry officials to sit with global experts to contribute to the ongoing debate, which is of tremendous significance for the world economy. Over 20 Research Fellows from Bangor and CUPL were nominated to support the work of the new Centre, which will also help advise Chinese and UK enterprises on Chinese procurement issues.

Welcoming Prof Tao Zeng to Bangor in August 2014, Prof Cahill said it was a privilege to now be working alongside such a brilliant scholar as Tao Zeng and he was confident that joint research bids and publications would result from the cooperation under the new Centre.

Publication date: 9 July 2014