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Our Staff

Member of Staff Email Telephone Position
Cahill, Prof Dermot Email: 01248 383078 Dean of the Law School, & ICPS Chairman
Chakravarty, Prof Shanti P Email: 01248 382277 Professor of Economics, & (forLAB) Macroeconomic Forecasting Specialist
Clear, Stephen Email: 01248 383078 Lecturer in Law
Clifford, Gary Email: 01248 382733 ICPS Director
Evans, Ceri Email: 01248 383766 Senior Supplier & Procurement Specialist
Eyo, Dr Ama Email: 01248 383073 Lecturer in Law
Jones, Becky Email: 01248 382907 Head of Administration
Jones, Brian M Email: 01248 383796 (forLAB) Strategy Specialist & Local and Regional Engagement Specialist
Karami, Dr Azhdar Email: 01248 388350 Senior Lecturer in Business Management, & (forLAB) Strategy Specialist
Mbah, Miriam Email: 01248 382907 Research Officer
Aumaitre, Maxime Email: 01248 382907 Executive Events Officer
Mitchelmore, Dr Siwan Email: 01248 388345 Lecturer in Business and Management, & (forLAB) Leadership & Innovation Specialist
Nikolopoulos, Prof Kostas Email: 01248 383796 Director of Research for the College of Business, Law, Education and Scoial Sciences, & (forLAB) Director
Owen, Gwilym Email: 01248 383812 Contract Law Practitioner and Part Time Lecturer

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