Client & Public Procurer Testimonials

Pascal Verheye, Policy Advisor, Enterprise Europe Network Flanders

Tendering for public sector contracts is a very tricky business and SMEs face particular challenges in this area. The TRS is for us the perfect example of how to effectively help prepare and guide SMEs in winning public contracts. We have definitely learnt a lot from the service in helping to best support our own SMEs in tendering."

Ian Price, Assistant Director, CBI Wales

Public Sector procurement is still an area of concern amongst business in Wales and it is still felt not enough is being done to make it an economic driver in challenging times. The TRS EUTP is another progressive initiative from ICPS to try and simplify and demistify the process."

Barry Haines, Finance & Business Development Manager, CAIS

The Tender Review Service provides a unique and specialised service. The Report we received was great - packed full of lots of good practical points that we will be utilising in future submissions."

Gunther Kostyra, Head of Policy Programme, Value Wales (Welsh Government)

The report suppliers receive from the Tender Review Service is an incredibly useful piece of work for SMEs who seriously want to improve their bids. The comprehensive nature of the report, together with the simple language used in the key learning points, provides a clear routemap forward for those who want to better themselves in tendering."

Tony Morgan, Office Manager, Greengrass Services Ltd

There is no hiding place from this service...everything is examined, evaluated and analysed and suggestions are made on how to be more successful. The review showed the depth of application that is essential to gain new business when the most common method of early communication is the PQQ. We know what we do and how well we do it; the Review showed us how to communicate that experience and expertise in straightforward, honest language that is easy to follow with lots of 'tools' to provide clear guidance."

Dr Jackie R Boarer, Head of Contract Management, Opinion Research Services Ltd

Undertaking the Tender Review has been extremely helpful – both in providing useful feedback on the general standard of our submissions; as well as giving helpful suggestions on where we can make improvements. Being honest, we were all sceptical about what the Review would provide. To their credit the team were very professional and helpful in terms of the process, and provided a very thoughtful and constructive summary of where we could make improvement in our future submissions. I’d recommend the service to others."

Anthony Flanagan, Development Officer & Director, Dynamix Ltd

We have not received any business support like this before! We thought the Review was 'spot-on' brought home to us the evaluators perspective and opened our eyes to the wide range of things to consider and include within a tender. It has also enlightened us as to what we as a Voluntary Sector organisation can prepare in advance of a tendering exercise using the wide range of templates provided by the Winning in Tendering team."

Jim Bowen, Director, Clynfyw Community Interest Company

This has been a fantastic lesson for our organisation and we are now really learning about tendering! We will be taking on board all the advice and recommendations provided in the Report and will not be leaving it to public procurers to draw their own conclusions about the value of our experience and expertise in future. When you are new to tendering as we are, it is important to have patience and to take advantage of all the help you can get!"

Ian Williams, Managing Director, Advent Project Management Ltd

Fantastic. The review from the Winning in Tendering team far exceeded all our business support expectations and has given us the confidence that we can do really well in tendering. Everybody within the organisation has read the report and all agree that it is extremely constructive and supportive. The Executive Summary is also a great instant snapshot of what we need to get right next time around!”

Jenny Wong, Director, Wild Resources Ltd

The Tender Review Service has really helped us understand the hidden code behind public procurer's questions and we now have a much better appreciation of how to present the strengths of our company and ideas. Our advice to any organisation embarking on public sector tendering for the first time, or to those who want to improve their tendering success rate, is to take all the advice you can get - and it doesn't come better or cheaper(!) than from the Tender Review Service."

Ifan Dorkins, Quantity Surveyor, WF Clayton & Co. Ltd

We couldn't find a fault with the PQQ Review Report we received and agreed with all the recommendations. Indeed, we are already using the Report as our personal and definitive practical guide to succeeding in public sector tendering! One thing is certain, and that is we will not be sharing it with any of our competitors!"

Ian Forrester Mowatt, Interim Director, North Wales Procurement Partnership

The Tender Review Service provides suppliers with an opportunity to receive feedback in the form of impartial analysis from an independent party. Feedback from the ‘trusted advisor’ highlights how a clear focus on relevance, depth and presentation of information can enable suppliers to put forward their best case in this increasingly competitive environment. It can also increase supplier awareness of the wider Public Procurement Process."

Laurel Salter, Marketing Executive, Ace Lifts

Really interesting process to be involved in and really glad we took advantage of the support from the Winning in Tendering Tender Review Service. The Report was crystal clear in highlighting key issues and the points raised should help us enormously in terms of constructing winning future bids."

Alan Aitken, Procurement Manager, Carmarthenshire County Council

We, at Carmarthenshire County Council, are all for raising tendering skills of suppliers – the great thing about the Tender Review Service is that it is an in-depth, bespoke and high quality service, thus giving suppliers the perfect opportunity to raise their tendering skills significantly in one swift move. We can not recommend it highly enough!"

Gareth Coles, Public Services Delivery officer, Wales Council for Voluntary Action

A detailed understanding of the procurement process is vital in ensuring smaller organisations are well placed to compete for public sector tenders. The TRS EUTP from ICPS will address the need for expert, in-depth support for Third Sector organisations to improve their success rate in tendering."

Aled Jones, Managing Director Cymen, Welsh Translation/ Rheolwr Gyfarwyddwr, Cwmni Cyfieithu Cymen

The Tender Review Service provides great support. Exactly the sort of personal detailed feedback we need to move forward. The handy hints and tips will be invaluable in future."

Mae’r Gwasanaeth Adolygu Tendr yn darparu cymorth amhrisiadwy. Dyma’r union fath o adborth manwl, wedi’i deilwra’n bersonol, sydd ei angen arnom i ddatblygu. Bydd yr awgrymiadau a’r cynghorion yn gaffaeliad mawr i’r dyfodol."

David Bloomfield, Director, The Peter Heath Consultancy Ltd.

We have not been having much luck recently in public sector tendering and so we wanted professional advice as to what we have been doing wrong. The Tender Review Service (TRS) clearly identified how we could improve and we are exceptionally pleased with the result. We found the report and subsequent discussion extremely valuable and we are now very confident that we will be significantly more successful in winning public sector tenders. If you genuinely want to improve, there is no better service out there!"

Ruth James, Commercial Manager, Jones Bros

We found the support from the Tender Review Service to be very useful, clear and very practical - providing lots of excellent examples of how best to move forward. Whether you are a small or a large business, this service provides an invaluable source of free third party expertise that can encourage you to challenge existing practices and that can act as the catalyst for improvement in tendering."

William Bankes, Solicitor, Gamlins Solicitors LLP

To find out view the YouTube video."

Mark Roberts, Director, Civil Engineering Solutions Ltd

The Tender Review Service has proved very insightful for us. Our immediate reaction to the Review was one of realisation in that we initially thought we had done a good job on our tender, but the Report enlightened us as to how we could have done much better. We liked the way the Review was honest and accurate - if something needed to be called a spade, the Review did just that! As an SME we can sometimes be slightly insular and so having an independent Review undertaken by a third party has been a really interesting process. We look forward to applying the lessons learnt!"

Stef Nicoll, Works Manager, The House Nameplate Company Ltd

We thoroughly recommend suppliers take advantage of the Tender Review Service to eliminate the inevitable massive learning curve involved in getting to grips with public sector tendering. We thought the Review we received was fantastic - really, really helpful and written in an extremely pleasant and supportive way. We particularly liked the fact that it provided in-depth bespoke advice and guidance on answering any tender questions relating to Supply Chain issues."

Rebecca Budski, Director, Gelli Civil Engineering Ltd

We are delighted we took advantage of the opportunity to be involved in the Tender Review Service - we think it is brilliant! The Tender Review Report we received has been a great help; it was constructive, honest, thorough, totally bespoke and confidential to us, and above all understandable. It clarifies exactly what we need to do to win more public sector business."

Sarah Cleevely, Marketing Manager, Nolan uPVC / Nolan Commercial

The PQQ review provided good, honest feedback. The service was professional and efficient and the resulting report has provided us with a detailed insight into how to approach the tender process to ensure we achieve positive results. We are already using the feedback and the information the review report gave us in current tenders. We have found the process very useful and hope that we can now go onto strengthen our tender applications and successfully win more commercial work."

Sue Jackson, Owner, ByteBack Training

Brilliant – absolutely delighted with the Review. The Report was most helpful and written in a really friendly, positive, constructive and inspiring way – we found the whole process extremely motivating! The implementation of the points raised in the report will be highly beneficial when we bid for future projects, enabling us to present our bids in the best possible way and thus help give us an edge over the competition. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Winning in Tendering team for their diligence and professional input at all times."

Chris Wright, Chief Executive, Snowdonia-Active

The advice from the Tender Review Service was spot-on and tremendously empowering, enabling us to shout about what we have to offer in a more confident, structured and relevant manner, whilst mitigating risk for the procurer. Engaging in the process for us was minimal hassle and the Winning in Tendering team clearly understand how business support should work to create maximum benefit for those that need help. Bring on the tenders..."

Arwel Jones, Principal, AJA Regional Development Consultancy

The Tender Review Service reminded us that sometimes we need to be more forthright in our presentation and promote our skills and services more vigorously. We should not assume that the client has any prior knowledge of our track record and reputation and therefore may need to state what is often to us the very obvious as comprehensively as possible. We should also be mindful that the client's scoring criteria for awarding the work may be their only benchmark and we should therefore frame our bids accordingly. It was good to be reassured by an objective outside body that most of the time, we're getting it right!."

Ian Mole, Director, Equine Marketing

The Tender Review Service is exactly what we want business support to be: helpful, honest, direct and designed around a model that provides practical and informative suggestions. We have now totally revamped our approach to tendering and understand exactly what is required...whether it be addressing risk elements effectively to presenting our experience in the most appropriate manner."